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Approximately 7 A4  pages from 10BC-AD700 set up so you can print them.

WORLD/SECULAR HISTORYyear/month/dayChristian History and Jewish History
Historical events in Politics and Business Events and history that happened in both faiths
  including Christian & Jewish person
 Undated Past Genesis
 1800BC-1400BC Life of Moses
 1400BC-931BC Judges
 10500BC-931BC Three Kings
 931BC-400BC Divided Kingdom and Prophets
 424BC-4BC 400 silent years
Roman Emperor Claudius borne August 110BC 
Roman Emperor Julius Caesar 100BC-44BC 
Herod the Great born in Jericho 73BC 
Roman Emperor Augustus Caesar - born-died 63BC-AD14 Referred to in Luke 2:1
Herod Antipater the Idumaean father of Herod the Great Died  43BC 
The end of the Roman Republic
Start of the Roman Empire
Roman Emperor Augustus Caesar -ruled 27BC-AD14 Referred to in Luke 2:1
Publius Sulpicius Quirinus - born 45BC ??BC-AD21 
Publius Sulpicius Quirinus a consul - in Syria 12BC 
   Teaching Notes The Birth of Jesus
 12BC-4BC Birth of Jesus or the Christmas story
A Roman census -  8BC 
 5-4BC High Priest - Matthias, son of Theophilus
 5BC High Priest - Joseph, son of Elam
 4BC High Priest - Joezer, son of Boethus
Herod the Great Died  4BC 
Herod the Great's son Herod Archelaus takes over 4BC 
Herod Philip Tetrarch of Iturea and Trachonitis ( Outside Israel) 4BC-AD34 
Herod Archelaus (Judea & Samaria) 4BC-AD6 
Herod Antipas (Galilee & Perea) "that fox."   
Herod Aristoboulus   
 4-1BC High Priest - Eleazar, son of Boethus - (Appointed by Herod Archelaus)
 AD1 - 6 High Priest - Jesus, son of Sie
 AD7 High priest - death penalty
   High Priest - Annas, 6-15 A.D. (Appointed by Quirinius)
Roman Emperor Augustus Caesar dies AD14 Luke 3:1
Regin of Roman Emperor Tiberius Caesar AD14-AD37 Luke 3:1
Pontius Pilate Governor of Judah   Luke3:1
Lysanias ruler of Abilene    Luke 3:1
 AD15-16 High Priest - Ishmael, son of Phiabi I - (Appointed by Valerius Gratus)
 AD16-17 High Priest - Eleazar, son of Annas
 AD17-18 High Priest - Simon, son of Kamithos
Herod Archelaus son of Herod the Great Died  AD18 
 AD18-37 High Priest - Joseph Caiaphas
King Agrippa 1 ruled (born 10AD) AD27-AD37? 
 AD28 If 6th April AD32 is the triumphal entry then Jesus started His ministry in September - November AD28
 AD28-AD32 Teaching Notes The Three year Ministry of Jesus
 AD28-AD32 Ministry of Jesus
 AD32 Teaching Notes Bible Module of: EASTER OR PALM SUNDAY TO PENTECOST
 AD32 Timeline of: Easter - Palm Sunday to Pentecost
 AD32 Zacchaeus The Tax Collector Luke 19:1-10
 AD32 Mary Anoints Jesus feet John 12:1-11
 6th April AD32 Triumphal Entry Luke 19:28-44
 AD32 Palm trees John 12:12-19
 AD29? if 4th-5th April Tuesday Sunset-Wednesday Sunset 29AD
 If AD32  6th (Thurs?) April Crucifixion under Herod Antipas Luke 23:26-46
 IF AD33?  Friday 3rd April Jesus Crucified
 AD30-AD110 New Testament
 AD29 to AD33 Death of Jesus or Jesus Crucified
 if AD32 Death of Jesus or Jesus Crucified Wednesday 10th April AD32 also 14th Nisan
 if AD33 Death of Jesus or Jesus Crucified Friday 14th Nisan
 AD53-AD96 Teaching Notes The Early Church Part One Or Acts Part One
 AD33-AD53 The Early Church or Acts part 1
 AD37 High Priest - Jonathan, son of Annas - (Appointed by Vitellius)
 AD37-41 High Priest - Theophilus, son of Annas
Tiberius Caesar Died AD37 March 16th 
Reign of Emperor Caligula (Gaius) Caesar AD37-AD41 
Herod Antipas son of Herod the Great Died  AD40 He had John the baptist beheaded. Matthew 14:1-13
Emperor Gaius assassinated AD41 
Roman Emperor Claudius AD41-AD54 Acts 11:28 Acts 18:2
Claudius Conquers Britain AD43 
Herod Agrippa I, king of Judea, 10BC-AD44 Acts of the Apostles Called "Herod"
Roman Emperor Claudius expels Jews AD49?? Acts 11:28, Acts 18:2
 AD47-AD57 Paul's missionary journeys
   Jewish vs. Gentile
 50 3,000 killed in Jerusalem in a tumult with the Romans
King Agrippa 11 ruled (born 10AD) AD53 Acts of the Apostles as "King Agrippa"
 AD53-AD96 Teaching Notes The Early Church Part Two Or Acts Part 2
 AD53-AD96 The Early Church or Acts part 2
 49-50 Claudius baned Jews from Rome
Claudius died 54-10-13 
Roman Emperor Nero (Nero means black) AD54-AD68 Paul's trial Acts 25:10-12 26:32 28:19 2Timothy 4:16-17
The fire in Rome - summer AD64-July-19 The fire in Rome
 AD66 Jews suffered persecution under Gessius Florius, Roman Governor of Judea
 AD66-AD70 Great Revolt
 AD67 Teaching Notes Hebrews chapter 11
 AD67 The book of Hebrews, Hebrews 1:1-13:25
   Moses leads Gods people, Hebrews 11: 24
   Crossing The Red Sea, Hebrews 11:29
 AD67-AD68 Crossing Paul in Jail again
Roman Emperor Calba AD68-AD69 
Roman Emperor Otto  AD69 
 ??-AD100 Clement of Rome
 AD69-AD155 Polycarp
Early Sub- Apostolic Church
Roman Emperor Vespasian AD69-AD79 
 AD70 Herod's Temple in Jerusalem
 AD70 Roman army100,000 strong marched against Jerusalem
 2nd Sept AD70 Titus Vespasian's son Destroys Jerusalem
 AD73 Masada falls
Josephus' Jewish War AD77 Josephus' Jewish War
Vesuvius erupts - Naples Italy AD79 
Roman Emperor Titus AD79-AD81 
Roman Emperor Domitian AD81-AD96 
The Emperor Domitian begins his persecution of Christians AD94 
 AD96 Teaching Notes Revelation part one
 AD96 John writes The Book of Revelation
 AD96 Teaching Notes Revelation part two
   Jesus comes back to take his rightful place as king. Revelation 22:5
   Lamp Revelation 22:5
   The Bride of Christ Revelation 21:1-9 and Revelation 22:17
   WE WIN. I looked at the end of the book and WE WIN Revelation 20:15
   The Angel says Jesus is returning Revelation 22:7-21
   The Cross Jesus Is Returning Revelation 22:7-21
   Jesus the Son of God Revelation 22:7-21
Murder of Emperor Domitian AD96 
Roman Emperor Marcus Cocceius Nerva AD96-AD98 Nerva releases John from the Island of Patmos
Roman Emperor Trajan AD98-AD117 
Paper is invented in China AD100 
 AD100 Gospel of Thomas
 AD100-AD165 Justin Martyr
Roman Emperor Hadrian  AD117-AD138 
 AD120 Growth of the Gnostic movement
 AD120 Didache
Hadrian orders for a wall 73 miles long to be built in Britannia  AD122-127 
 AD130-??? Gnosticism
 AD135 Hadrian devastated Palestine. 580,000 perished
 AD135 Destruction of Jerusalem again
 AD144 Death of Marcio
 AD150 Justin Martyr Writes His Apology
 AD156 The Martyrdom of Polycarp of Smyrna
 AD160-AD225 Tertullian
 AD175 Apostolic succession lists
 AD177 Irenaeus Becomes Bishop of Lyons
 AD196 Tertullian Begins to Write Christian Books
 AD200 Canon selection is complete
 AD205 Origen begins to write Christian books
Goths invade Europe AD220-AD269 
 AD225-AD647 Christological controversies
Persecution under the emperor Maximinus AD235-AD238 
 AD249-AD251 Decian
 AD251 Cyprian writes On the Unity of the Church
 AD251-AD356 Anthony of Egypt
 AD254 Death of Origen
 AD257-AD260 Valerianic
 AD258 Martyrdom of Cyprian
 AD270 Anthony Begins His Life as a Hermit
Emperor Diocletian AD284-AD305 Killed many Christians
 AD296-373 Athanasius
Constantine became Emperor AD306-AD337 
 AD312 The Conversion of Constantine
Victory at the Milvian bridge AD312 
Constantine issues the Edict of Milan AD313 Christians free to worship
 AD323 Building of St Peter's, Rome, begins
 AD325 Nicene Council
 AD325-AD381 Nicene Creed
Post-Nicene Church
 4th-5th century Donatism
 AD325-381 Controversy over Arianism
 326 Church of the Holy Sepulcher is built
 330-379 Basil the Great
Constine moves to Constantinople AD330 
King Ezana of Axum becomes the first Christian king in Africa AD330 
 339-397 Ambrose of Milan
 342-420 Jerome
 347-407 John Chrysostom
 354-430 Augustine of Hippo
 358-394 Cappadocian Fathers
 367 Athanasius's Letter Recognizes the New Testament Canon
 381 Council of Constantinople
 384 Egeria's Travels
 385 Bishop Ambrose Defies the Empress
 386-460 St Patrick
 387 Conversion of Augustine
 396 Augustine becomes Bishop of Hippo
 397 Latin Vulgate
Roman Empire is divided into East and West 395 
 398 John Chrysostom becomes Bishop of Constantinople
 ?-460 Patrick
 405 Jerome completes the Vulgate
 400-529 Pelagianism
 ?-432 Patrick goes as a missionary to Ireland
Visigoths invade Europe 410-711 
 416 Teaching of Pelagius Condemned
 423 Rule of St. Augustine
 428 Athanasian Creed
Vandals storm the Mediterranean 429-533 
Huns invade the Gupta Empire, in India AD430-470 
 431 Council of Ephesus
 432 Patrick Goes as Missionary to Ireland
Angles and Saxons invade Britain 440 
 451 The council of Chalcedon
Post-Nicene Church ends
Early Medieval Church
Romulus Augustulus last emperor in West Rome AD475-AD476 
Fall of the Roman Empire
Eastern Roman Empire now know as Byzantine
Early Middle Ages
 AD480-AD547 Benedict of Nursia
 AD511 Catholic Christianity is established in Gaul
 AD520 Boethius Consolation of philosophy
Justinian Emperor east AD527-565 
 AD529 Benedict of Nursia establishes his monastic order
 AD529-540 Rule of St. Benedict
 AD530 Monophysite
 AD540-604 Gregory the Great
 AD555-647 Christological controversies
 AD563 Columba goes as a missionary to Scotland
Lombards invade Italy AD568-573 
Muhammad died June 8th 632 Medina where his grave is AD570-632 
 AD590 Gregory 1 becomes Pope
 AD600 Gregorian Sacramentary
 602 See of Canterbury is founded
Persians invade Rome AD602 
Jerusalem falls to Islam Ad637 
 AD555-647 Christological controversies
Arabs storm the Mediterranean 637-732 
 AD664 Synod of Whitby
 AD673-735 Bede
 AD680-754 Boniface
Dome of the Rock Completed AD691 
 725-842 Iconoclastic controversies
 AD716 Boniface Sets Out as Missionary
The Venerable Bede Completes His Ecclesiastical History of the English Nation AD731 
 AD732 The Battle of Tours
Charlemagne AD742-AD814 
 AD749  Or there about. A major Earthquake in Israel damaged many buildings
 AD754 Germany is Christianized
 AD789 Roman Rite is compulsory in the West
Carolingian Renaissance Late 8th through early 9th century 
Vikings invade Europe AD793-1016 
 AD793 Monastery Lindisfarne attacked by the Vikings
 AD795 Monastery Iona attacked by the Vikings


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